Time Traveling

I love time traveling. I’ve done it most of my life. I’m finding the older I get, the easier it becomes. I don’t have a time machine… I just read, think and mostly use my imagination to propel me. Sometimes I travel back in time; other times I project myself into the future. The biggest benefit of time travel is returning to the present with wisdom.

What started me time traveling was realizing many of the people that influence my thinking had left this world before I ever arrived. Compelled to meet and understand my influencers, I started visiting them. After several trips, patterns started to emerge. I found many of my heroes weren’t heroes at all… at least not during their lifetimes. Some were rejected by society. Many were considered radical, dangerous, or even insane. Traveling forward from these places in time, I observed how it took future generations to start understanding the courage, brilliance and insight these individuals possessed. Looking back from the present, it’s hard to believe these people weren’t celebrated. Then again, future generations will see us in the same light… and wonder the same.

During one of my journeys, a great hero of mine from the 1400s explained that expending too much time and energy trying to convince people from your own time period is unproductive. “Think, write and create for the unborn,” he said. “They will come to understand and value your insight and effort.” In his case, no truer words could be spoken… and I told him so. I appreciate his advice and often heed it.

The more you travel, the clearer one thing becomes… time exposes the truth. As it turns out, many past “heroes” weren’t heroes at all. They were popular charlatans, people of privilege or barbaric leaders driven by self-serving agendas. These individuals weren’t whom they claimed to be… or what they were perceived to be during their time. Many were truth twisters and propaganda creators on a mission to gain power and prestige in their lifetime… and were willing to achieve it at any cost. Whether it’s past, present or future one thing remains consistent—leaders need supporters and followers to succeed.

Most real heroes remain unknown. Very few are recognized by their society, peers or by future generations. They are called regular people. But they are far from regular. Rhetoric, propaganda or popular chants don’t influence them. They think independently and seek the truth. They take action and do what they believe is right—regardless of whether it’s popular at the time or not. Like all real heroes, these individuals realize that life continues long after they’re gone. They understand, like other real heroes before them, that we each have a responsibility to future generations as well.

By traveling in the future, this becomes obvious. Once while in 2060, I met a distant relative of mine (no pun intended). While his language was derived from English, it sounded much different than what’s spoken today. Regardless, we were able to communicate. To my surprise, some things had changed drastically while others appeared much the same.

You might imagine; I had many questions about his world… but not nearly as many as he had about mine. As he shared his understanding of history with me, I was both amazed and saddened by my lack of understanding of our present. While some of his information was inaccurate, much of it was spot on (with additional insight). Some things are difficult to see in present tense. Many of the “important” issues today are considered insignificant by future generations… if they’re considered at all. As with our past, many of today’s leaders and heroes are considered criminals by 2060 standards. Likewise, many of our outcasts are considered as brilliant visionaries… real heroes.

If you’re new to time traveling, I suggest starting with your own life. Travel back to your childhood and then project yourself into the future. Reflect on the decisions you’ve made over the years. If you’re like me, you’ve made some good and some pretty bad ones along the way. Each decision provides a lesson… and establishes a pattern. Notice how some of your most difficult decisions turn out to be the best… at least in the long run.

Chances are you knew they were right when you made them, too. How? After you gathered information, consulted your brain and listened to your heart… you intuitively left the present, scanned your past and then traveled to the future. This makes most decisions seem obvious… the benefits of time travel are powerful.

Here are three questions to ponder:
1. What side of history will you be on?
2. Who are your past and present heroes… and why?
3. How will you be viewed by future generations?

Only time will tell…


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