Wise Men and Other Stories


Format: Paperback
5.5″ x 8.5″
144 pages
By Mike O’Mary

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Wise Men and Other Stories is a collection of holiday-related essays from Mike O’Mary. According to author Stephen Parrish, “O’Mary has a gift for simple, frank exposition of life’s most poignant moments.” In Wise Men and Other Stories, O’Mary shares that gift with all of us. Over the years, O’Mary has developed a cult following for his writings about the holidays. Many of these essays were previously published in the Sunday magazines of the Chicago Tribune, Denver Post, Rocky Mountain News, Baltimore Sun, Cleveland Plain Dealer and Detroit Free Press, and in Catholic Digest. Others were featured as part of WNIJ — Northern Illinois Public Radio’s contribution to National Public Radio’s Morning Edition program. Enjoy this priceless collection of humorous and thoughtful stories this holiday season — and for many holiday seasons to come.