The Power of Teamwork

Format: Hardcover gift book
76 pages, 6.75″ square
By Scott Beare and Michael McMillan

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  • The ultimate book on teamwork by the ultimate team.
  • Great stories, quotes, and incredible photography make every page an inspiration.
  • Reinforces 11 key principles and captures the essence of teamwork in a dramatic and unforgettable way.
  • Makes a perfect gift and is ideal for conferences, corporate events or teambuilding functions. It will get your team performing at new levels.

By applying these principles, your team will reach new levels of success. Whether it’s business, sports or education—regardless of what kind of team you’re on— this book raises the bar and inspires you to reach it.

This is a great book for anyone involved with teamwork—and that’s everyone! Play this movie at your next team meeting and give a copy to each member to drive home the message.