September 27, 2009

Momentum is a powerful force.

Years ago, my son Paul’s little league team made it to the playoffs. The games were played at an upscale ballpark called “The Field of Dreams.”

Game Two was a night game. We were facing a tough team with a very competitive (and outspoken) coach. As the game progressed a mom asked me, “Do you know what inning it is… and the score?” After answering her, I asked a question that had been bugging me all season, “Why aren’t these wonderful scoreboards ever used?”

Since no one had an answer, and against my wife Anne’s advice, I decided to go find out. Above the concession stand were vacant announcer’s boxes—so I started there. A teenager working the concession counter confirmed my hunch. Read more

Big Megaphone

September 24, 2009

Big MegaphoneA big megaphone doesn’t make the message any truer… nor does it make it more important. It just makes the messenger louder.

On January 13, 1999, Michael Jordan announced his retirement from the NBA—for the second time. I worked with Michael on his book, Rare Air, but truthfully, I was too busy working to care about his first retirement—let alone his second.

For me, July 13th ended around 2 a.m. on July 14th with me sitting at my kitchen table, sleep deprived, having just finished concepts I had to present to a new client later that morning.

As I started off to bed I noticed the newspaper headline: MJ RETIRES!!! screaming across the front page. I opened it up and discovered this seemingly important news dominated many inside pages as well. Read more